Slab Out Of Square

Slab Out Of Square

The slab on this new home as you can see by the red line is not only out of square but was also mis-measured when the forms were set and is out past the intended building line, over 4" on one side and 2" on the other end. This is the front porch entry area and is usually the first thing someone will notice coming to the home. You can see the left side of this front porch area brick wall (see yellow line and arrows) is flush, as should be, with the foundation as the front porch area should have been and also the right side of the house in the pic below should have been.
Slab out of square
Also in this 2nd pic shown of the same house you can again see that the slab was mis-measured and poured out of square past the building line. At the time of the form set for a foundation it is of the utmost importance to verify that measurements of the layout are accurate as per plan dimensions and also to check that the forms are set square.
The 3-4-5 method #,4,6, method to square up a slab is commonly used to check the squareness 
of forms as they are being set as demonstrated in the above diagram. Any same multiples of 3,4 and 5 can be used. One side of the form set from the corner is measured to the multiple of 3' being used than the other side to 4' or multiple. The measurement between these points should be exactly 5' or the multiple of it being used, if not the forms are moved in or out (leaving the corner as the pivot point) to square it up. A framing square and diagonal measurements from corner to corner are other ways to verify the slab frame is squared up or not.
The items noted from these pics are not structural deficincies but do not look very good. A perfect home can't be built but everything in new home construction should be done within a certain acceptable tolerance.
This New Home Inspection was performed in Schertz, Texas.


Photos and Image by JWK Inspections

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