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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aerospace Makes Jobs and Exports Soar
By Tom Donohue, President and CEO

Read more.For the naysayers who argue that American manufacturing is dead (it's not!), let me suggest that they take a look at what's happening in the aerospace industry. Despite the recent economic downturn, aerospace achieved $215 billion in sales last year, all while providing more than 644,000 good-paying jobs.

This critical industry--which is essential to national defense, transportation, and technological innovation--is also a leader when it comes to exports. In 2009, American aerospace companies enjoyed a trade surplus of $56 billion. In the spirit of National Aerospace Week, let me share what the U.S. Chamber is doing to help the aerospace industry--and the broader economy--expand and create the jobs that will get Americans back to work. Read and respond.

Economic Indicators
July consumer credit: Down-1.8%       July exports: Down1.8%       July imports: Down-2.1%
Capital Roundup
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Senate Rejects 1099 Repeal; U.S. Chamber Members Keep Up Pressure
The Senate on Tuesday rejected measures that would either fully or partially repeal a mandate requiring businesses to file a 1099 form with the IRS for non-credit card purchases from other businesses totaling $600 or more per year.
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5 Questions for the Candidates
The Chamber's Campaign for Free Enterprise is making its mark on the upcoming midterm elections by urging Chamber members, grassroots activists, and supporters of free enterprise to pose five questions to candidates.
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U.S. Chamber Applauds Aerospace Contributions
The U.S. Chamber is joining the Aerospace Industries Association to celebrate National Aerospace Week September 12-18.
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From the Chairman's Blog: Taking a Close Look at Obama's Stimulus Proposal
Chamber Chairman Tom Bell explains why the president's proposal to extend and expand the R&E tax credit and temporarily allow full business expensing misses the mark.
Read the blog.
Video of the Week
From the Magazine

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American Free Enterprise Creates Jobs
America is built upon free enterprise which creates jobs and is the key to getting Americans back to work. Join the campaign for Free Enterprise as we continue to promote an environment in which American innovation can thrive.

Small Business Matters: Manage Your Outside Legal Costs

Dreamers and Doers: Putting Clients Before Technology

Your Feedback: Readers Offer Ideas for Job Growth

Poll: Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month
Last month saw some pretty crazy lawsuits. Which one do you think was the most ridiculous?
Vote now.
  • Man in property dispute sues for $38 quadrillion, despite only $24 trillion in circulation worldwide
  • Addicted gamer who is 'unable to function' sues video game maker
  • Facebook sued for allowing minors to 'like' content without parental permission
  • Girl sues estate of pregnant woman she killed during suicide attempt
  • 'Anti-feminist lawyer' sues nightclubs for gender discrimination on 'Ladies Nights'
Quote of the Week

“We have a small business. We are paying so much for insurance, taxes, etc. We don't know if when this Obamacare comes down that we will be able to stay in business. Tell the Dems in Congress and the President, quit spending money you don't have.”

-- Linda Maddox, Carlsbad, California

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