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A Buyers Home Inspection is ordinarily performed just after the contract.
In some cases it is done before the contract is signed. The contract should have
a contingency clause based on the inspection, protecting the buyer if there are 
major concerns in the Inspection report. The inspection report  can also serve
as a negotiating tool for the buyer on discrepancies found. An Inspction when
buying a home will serve to protect the buyer on such a large investment.

A Sellers Home Inspection: For the seller before or during 
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the listing stage of the home. This Pre Inspection can benefit all parties involved.
See our blog on this site about Sellers Inspections for more info. 
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New Home Construction Inspections      New Home Construction Inspections
 Construction Phase Inspections are important when
 having a new home built.
 The most common Construction Phase Inspections are: 
 -The Foundation Inspection - Pre pour and / or Post pour
 -Frame Inspection (pre drywall) 
 -Final Inspection also known as the Move In Inspection.

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New Home Warranty Inspections by JWK Inspections Protect your investment. 
Get a Warranty Inspection. Don't forget to get your new home inspected before your builders 12 month warranty expires. Let an Inspector find deficiencies that your builder is responsible for until your one year warranty expires. After that you are stuck with repair costs.  
Photo here shows a follow up meeting to review the warranty inspection report with Don and Sharon P. and Jose H. the Builders representative at a Northwest San Antonio neighborhood.
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    JWK Inspections can inspect your                       Commercial Inspections are available
   Multi Family property, whether
   it is a few units or hundreds of units

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