Patio To Slab Settlement

Patio To Slab Settlement

The patio area pictured is showing seperation from foundation and settling (about a 1-1/2" drop) due to the flatwork not being properly attached to slab foundation. Steel reinforcement in the patio was apparently not doweled into the slab foundation and no expansion joint was installed. The large gap between the patio and foundation  should be filled/ sealed to cut back on water penetration and other infiltrations.
Patio settling gap at slab

Photos by JWK Inspections

That happened to my patio at

That happened to my patio at my house. It was a pain to fix. The water also leaked into my basement and flooded whenever there was rain. I would recommend that once it is fixed that you get use soybean concrete sealers on your patio to help seal the edge.

Joe KereszturyJWK

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Peter, Good info on your link. Thanx for posting

Hey, it's good you guys

Hey, it's good you guys found this out now, and not after you bought the house and you're trynig to sell it years from now..or God forbid something happens while you're living in it. This is what home inspections are for. It sux now, but long term it's good that you guys know this

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