Blocking needed

Blocking needed

Solid blocking should be added between the 2x4's on this exterior wall shown, which is against the covered patio roof area.
Note: An attempt at blocking was done but is too low, lined up below the top of the rafter instead of above it. The blocking attempt is also layed flat in lieu of on edge which would cover more area.
Due to the exterior OSB wall sheathing being cut short the Tyvek house wrap is exposed at the area that needs to be blocked. The blocking is needed at the shown areas so flashing and the stucco lathe supporting the finished stucco can be properly fastened to solid material which will adaquatley support the finished product.  There needs to be a minimum 2x4 blocking on edge added in these areas.

Photo by San Antonio area Home Inspector Joe Keresztury at a Boerne New Home Construction Phase Inspection

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