Water Pressure Too High

Water Pressure Too High

A homes acceptable water pressure should be between 40 - 80 psi. In the photo above at a Garden Ridge, Texas home inspection the reading is at about 105 PSI, well above the maximum recommended 80 PSI. Water pressure that is too high can damage the joints of water lines that are enclosed in walls or ceilings and also shorten the life expectency of plumbing fixtures. 
In the photo below the gauge shows a reading of  73 psi, within the acceptable range. Also, the dryer vent attachment is loose at the exterior wall and needs to be fastened and sealed.
Water Pressure & Dryer Vent

photo by JWK Inspections

There are few other things

There are few other things home beryus should consider before they select a home inspector as well, like how long have they been in business, where did they get their training, how many inspections have they completed, what do their prior clients say about them, what will they report on and when will you get the report. The final thing to remember is that the cheapest inspector might not be the best person to choose. Often times, cheap home inspectors know less and inspect less and therefore charge less. Focusing more on the inspectors education and experience will serve you better over the long run.

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