Bowed Stud In Wall

Bowed Stud In Wall

In this new home a bowed stud has put an obvious bulge in the sheetrock wall. During construction at frame stage, before sheetrock all walls should be straight edged to find bowed studs to be replaced or corrected to prevent the finished walls from having bows in it. Unfortunately that wasn't done here at frame stage. Catching and correcting bowed studs before sheetrock is alot easier than the alternative.
Bowed wall at new home inspection

In the photo below on a Pre Drywall, Framing Inspection a bowed stud was found. This Construction Phase Inspection discovered and prevented an obvious bulge / bow in a wall as seen after the fact in the home of the above pictures.
Bowed stud frame stage
The top 2 photos are from a New Home Move In Inspection in San Antonio. The bottom picture in Schertz is a Frame Inspection also known as a
Pre Drywall Inspection which is part of Construction Phase Inspections. The wall was straight edged and identified the bowed stud.

Photos by JWK Inspections

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