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Thermal Imaging - Infrared Camera

Thermal Imaging for your San Antonio area Home, Commercial Property and Multi Family Buildings.

San Antonio Thermal Imaging JWK Inspections Infrared Camera  Illustration Image Credit USADraeger

The illustration above shows the thermal imaging process with it's progressions thru the infrared camera. The process starts with a unique lens that allows infrared energy thru it. Then the focused light goes thru the sensor and then the thermogram (temperature differential readings) is transferred to the screen with colored images.

Thermal Imaging with an infrared camera is an imaging science that actually detects radiation in a particular infrared array of the electromagnetic spectrum that produces radiation images. Thermal imaging works because every object, the items that the infrared camera is viewing produces radiation images. Thermal Imaging with an Infrared Camera is an imaging science that actually detects radiation images thru it. Thermal imaging works because every object (item) in the camera view puts out infrared radiation created due to each objects temperature. The higher the temperature is, the higher the radiation is produced by the object.Thermmal imaging with the infrared camera allows you to see your environment withought any lumination / light. Thermal imaging has the ability to see hot or even warm objects against cooler surroundings.Thermal Imaging (Infrared Camera) works by showing the amounts of infrared transmitted, produced and / or reflected by objects in the view of the camera. 

Thermal imaging actually works for many purposes, uses and occupations besides home & commercial propertty inspections. Home & Commercial Building Inspections are the focus of this article for information about Thermal Imaging with an Infrared Camera in the San Antonio and South Texas areas. Thermal Imaging can be used to review and verify proper insulation in walls and ceilings, locate air gaps, & missing insualtion, identify active leaks, locate a leak source, find over heating electrical wiring, review HVAC issues and more.

Photos below will show actual Thermal Imaging w/ Infrared Cameras from different inspectors at JWK Inspections, including by Joe Keresztury, Dan Sawazki, Jerry Inloes & Brian Schantz at numerous Home and Commercial Building Inspections in San Antonio and other South Texas areas. 

      San Antonio Thermal Imaging JWK Inspections
Thermal Imaging Photos above are from a San Antonio area Property Inspection by JWK Inspections. They show Infrared Camera views of a ceiling & wall with no apparent problem areas noted. Images below will show Thermal Imaging photos with significant problems shown thru different Infrared Cameras by the various JWK Inspections Specialists thruout this blog / article at numerous properties including homes, commercial buildings and multi family properties.

               JWK Inspections San Antonio Thermal Imaging Walls missing insulation
Images above show thermal imaging- infrared camera views at San Antonio Home & Commercial Property Inspections indicating missing wall insulation.
The images below show thermal imaging by the infrared cameras apparently indicating walls and ceiling areas having inadequate insulation.

                  Thermal Imaging JWK Inspections Walls Ceiling missing insulation
Below- Additional Thermal Imaging views from the infrared camera showing ceiling hot spots indicating probable missing insulation at San Antonio area Home, Commercial Property & Multi Family Inspections.
           . . .     
JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging Ceiling Insulation                        San Antonio JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging Ceilings missing insulation Home & Commercial
The photo below also shows missing insulation in a high wall that backs up to the attic. The colors are reversed from the above missing insulation images in this thermal imaging photo by InterNachi. The reason being is that it most likey was in a cold winter climate where the living area was warm from the heating system and the attic was cold. Thus the dark blue at the missing insulation in the wall to attic. It doesn't show up as a hot spot (but the opposite) as in above images as would be the circumstances here in South Texas most of the year.
internachi thermal imaging JWK Inspections
Image credit- In

Thermal Imaging Ceiling attic access JWK Inspections 
Above left & center samples show the thermal imaging indicating energy loss. The left photo and the center photo show hot spots that verify energy loss at the attic access areas. The right photo shows an insulated attic access that does not have the energy loss as the other 2 areas shown. For the 2 pictures at left around the attic access ladder & scuttle hole was R-30 blown insulation thruout the ceilng areas above the sheetrock. Which is a good insulation factor but this shows why it's also a good idea to have an insulated access ladder cover (left0 or insulation attached to a scuttle hole cover (center).
The photos below show energy loss at door to the garage (left) and door to attics (right).

thermal imaging exterior door energy loss JWK InspectionsThermal Imaging energy loss at door to attic JWK InspectionsThermal Imaging Door Leak JWK Inspectinns San Antonio

The 3 top photos below were at a San Antonio area new home warranty inspection. As per homeowner, according to the builder the constant leak experienced by the the client had been fixed. The thermal imaging indicated otherwise. The top left image showed an activ
e leak with dark blue areas apperentl showing it was wet up in ther concealed ceiling area above the area shown in center photo. The top right photo appeared to be the source of the leaks and needed proper corrections. The photos across the bottom section are more samples of the infrared camera finding active leaks.

      JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging Leaks Moisture Infrared Camera San Antonio
JWK Inspections Wall Leak Thermal Imaging                                                  
In addition to roof leaks, thermal imaging can identify plumbing leaks that are behind walls (or up in ceilings) as shown in the sample above.

Below- The 3 pairs of photos are at a San Antonio area apartment complex inspected by JWK Inspections. At the ceiling areas in the units shown there was damage, staining & patching (repairs). The photos below left show the view of a regular camera. The photos below right show proof that the leaks were still active, unresolved.
             San Antonio Leaks Moisture Thermal Imaging JWK Inspections Infrared Camera

Images below show Thermal Imaging at electrical connections, including subpanels and breakers at numerous San Antonio area Property Inspections.   
                 JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Electrical San Antonio
                 San Antonio TX Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Electrical JWK Inspections 

  Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Hot Water JWK Inspections San ANtonio JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging infrared Camera
Two different thermal imaging views show the testing of hot water at San Antonio area Home Inspections.  It's always best to keep hot water temperature settings at 120 degrees or lower for safety scalding purposes.  These images show the temperatures at 146 (left) and 129 (right). Both should be lowered, especially the one with a 146 deg. reading.

  thermal imaging jwk inspections hvac san antonio JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging can also identify Air flow leaks in the HVAC System at ceiling levels below attic and from a leak in attic.
(JWK Inspection photos)

JWK Inspections Thermal Imaging A/C output intake differential
Samples show Output / Input differentials with the Thermal Imaging on the A/C system. With thermal imaging the A/C balance from room to room can be reviewed and the needed output differential can be verified. Samples show output /intake differentials not within acceptable tolerance.

San Antonio A/C Output Intake diferential JWK Inspections

By JWK Inspections - Joe Keresztury
Photo credits- JWK Inspections by:  Brian Schantz, Dan Sawazki, Jerry Inloes & Joe Keresztury
Image (Illustration) at top (credit) - USADraeger

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